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    Pre-Employment Screening
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In Office Services

Finger Printing
National Pre-Employment Research serves individuals, businesses, and government agencies that need ink fingerprinting services. Finger prints are often requested for employees or those needing to renew professional licenses. Our friendly expert will take fingerprints quickly and accurately on FBI 258 fingerprint cards.
  • Convenient Location In Henry County
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Professional Facility
  • Standard, FBI 258 fingerprinting cards
  • Experienced Staff
  • Quick Service 
Drug Testing
An examination of biologic material (such as urine, hair, saliva, or sweat) to detect the presence of specific drugs and determine prior drug use. Drug tests may be performed to detect illicit drug use as well as the use of drugs and substances not permitted in specific occupations or athletic competitions. Also known as drug screen.
  • Oral Drug Testing
  • 5 Panel Urine Test
  • 10 Panel Urine Test
  • Steroid Testing
  • Lead Testing
  • DOT & Non DOT Urine Testing
  • Alcohol Testing (DOT & Non DOT)
  • Hair Testing
  • DNA Paternity and Family Origin Testing
  • Nicotine Testing